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Liberty Mutual Independent
About : We will meet your insurance needs with exceptional service. As an independent insurance agency we represent many companies.

302 N 3RD ST, STERLING, CO 80751
Phone: 970-522-1681
Fax: 970-522-1467
Distance: 44.1 Miles

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  • We are in the middle of Fire Safety Week - its Oct. 5 - Oct. 11. If you encounter a small fire in your home or place of work, do you know how to properly use a fire extinguisher? The proper use of a fire extinguisher is the "PASS" method.
  • Happy Monday! Did you know that not all homeowners insurance policies are written the same, for example: does your homeowners insurance policy cover mysterious disappearance of jewelry? This is an important type of peril that is generally NOT covered by many home insurance policies.
  • We are getting closer to "Tornado Season" - April through August. Here are a few Tornado Safety Tips to help you & your family be prepared: ~ Listen to instructions given by local emergency management officials (if you are told to take shelter, please do so) ~ Look for these danger signs in the sky - dark/often greenish tint to the sky; large hail, large/dark/low-lying cloud; loud roar (similar to a freight train) ~ Put together an emergency kit, including but not limited to: first aid supplies, blankets and any personal items you may need (medications, toiletries, clothing) ~ Create an emergency plan about how you will protect your house and how you will evacuate if necessary, and where your meeting place will be.
South Platte Agency Inc

205 Elm St, Julesburg, CO 80737
Distance: 12.0 Miles

Randy Carruthers
State Farm

202 N 4th St, Sterling, CO 80751-4310
Phone: 970-522-6666
Fax: 970-522-6664
Distance: 44.2 Miles

Doug Hale
State Farm

116 W Main St, Sterling, CO 80751-3141
Phone: 970-522-6245
Fax: 970-521-7107
Distance: 44.3 Miles

Tri-County Insurance LLC

Po Box 351, Sterling, CO 80751
Distance: 44.2 Miles


119 N 3rd Ave, Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: (970) 522-4840
Fax: (970) 522-7208
Distance: 44.5 Miles

Mike Neill
State Farm

201 E Denver Street, Holyoke, CO 80734
Phone: 970-854-3980
Distance: 27.6 Miles

Murphy Insurance Center

Po Box 1704, Sterling, CO 80751
Distance: 44.2 Miles


330 W MAIN, STERLING, CO 80751
Phone: 970-522-1000
Fax: 970-522-0677
Distance: 44.3 Miles

Bob Trumper Agency

207 West Denver, Holyoke, CO 80734
Distance: 27.6 Miles

Randy Carruthers
State Farm

202 N 4th Street, Sterling, CO 80751-7949
Phone: 970-522-6866
Fax: 970-522-6664
Distance: 44.2 Miles

Colorado - Bw Insurance Agency Inc

130 North 3Rd Street, Sterling, CO 80751
Distance: 44.2 Miles

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